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Our online financial network provides users with a robust array of trading tools such as tick-by-tick charts, real-time quotes and fundamental and technical analysis and information written by international market specialists. is available in 18 languages geared toward 20 countries and is the definitive traders' and investors' resource for all things financial markets related.

3.4M Unique visitors per month
24M Total monthly visits
60M Page views
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What We Offer

Financial Media

The network offers a variety of ways to reach our unrivaled audience of financially savvy users who are affluent, educated and actively passionate about the markets—in short, your target audience. Advertising opportunities include CPM campaigns, Interstitials, Email campaigns, Mobile advertising and audience targeting lists.

Financial Tools's innovative tools are available to all users as well as third party affiliates. Our array of financial markets tools include our Economic Calendar—the most comprehensive markets and events calendar currently available; Technical Summaries offering strong 'buy' and 'sell' suggestions based on a variety of indicators as well as thousands of Streaming Quotes and Charts.


Who We Are

Founded in 2007, is the definitive traders' and investors' resource, a cutting-edge financial web portal delivering tools and information related to currencies, commodities, bonds, stocks, interest rates, futures and options—all aspects of the global financial markets. The site provides users with the highest quality online working environment for the active trader and research oriented investor. is committed to consistently launching innovative features and sections in order to deliver an optimal, one-stop experience.

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